Mistakes Sales Rep Make

Mistakes Sales Reps Make

Even the most experienced of sales reps need a reminder of how to stay on their game. Steering clear of these three behaviors will keep you successful in sales.

Mistake #1: Not replenishing leads

When you’ve got a lot of active deals, it’s easy to forget that you still need to fill your pipeline for the future. Exhausting your past or current leads may put you in a rough spot, which is why it’s important to regularly prospect for new leads. Set aside a window of time a couple of days a week to give yourself the opportunity to build relationships with prospective clients. Turn this into a habit to ensure your well never runs dry.

Mistake #2: Talking too much

The key to sales is being a good listener, so remember to give your customer room to reveal their problems. It’s exciting to inform the customer of how much your product or service could help them, but it’s no use if you didn’t listen for their needs and don’t know what to address first. Remember that you’re speaking with your customer, not at them, and it’s your job to drive equal participation in the conversation. You can do this by keeping your dialogue short and by asking open ended questions. Rather than tuning you out because you’ve been talking for too long, the customer will stay engaged and will have a greater likelihood of converting into a sale.

Mistake #3: Getting upset with the customer

It’s tough to remember, but the customer is king. Getting upset or blaming them for not completing their end of things will get you nowhere. Keep your calm and kindly explain to your customer their responsibilities in continuing the deal. Telling them what they agreed to or bringing light to their shortcomings will only result in them walking away. Once the customer is clear that you have met your end, remind them of the urgency of the deal and how they are the solution to finishing the process. Empowering your customer to work with you will result in a better relationship and aid in a potential repeat deal later.

These are easy mistakes to correct that will pay off in both the short and long term. Helping your customers isn’t always easy, but these three behavioral changes can help your deals (and your days) run smoother.

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