As most veteran sales people know, you and your company’s business to business relationships are important to your success. Yet, often sales people are unaware or do not utilize promotions offered by these B2B partners. Besides the obvious benefits of promotions, like saving or making money, being aware of promotions happening with your B2B partners can help push forward your own business, even when you’re not the one running it. Here are a few reasons why you should consider utilizing your B2B promotions.

Promotions help your business stand out

Whether the promotion is done by your company or from one of your partners, offering deals makes you more memorable. As customers are shopping around, or just have a future purcahse in mine, their ears perk up when they hear about a deal or offer, thus helping give you future sales opportunities.

Lead Generation from Referrals

Referring your customers to another business is the best way to guarantee that they will refer customers back. When you have a promotion, inform your partners of the offer and how your promotion can benefit them. On the flip side, when your partners are having promotions, do the same and promote their deals to your customers when it makes sense to do so. Sending leads back and forth creates more opportunities for a sale and incentivizes other companies o do the same.

Extra Salespeople

If your customers need to talk to range of companies to get what they need, it would be useful to have people on your team who can help aid the sale with knowledge you may not possess. When you and your B2B partners are on the same team, working together to close a sale is to your benefit. That’s how we like to think of American Capital Group; extra sales people to help you sell equipment. Helping customers finance their equipment so they can purchase machines benefits you, the seller, because we’re both working to close the same deal.

Promotions help boost business, increase sales, and form relationships. The conclusion here? If you’re your company is unable to run promotions (or just chooses not to), use the promotions of those in your industry. Even a simple phone call to your partners to ask if they are promoting anything never hurts.  

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